Aims and scope

This title has ceased (2019)

Research & Policy on Turkey  serves as the journal of Research Turkey, Centre for Policy and Research on Turkey, with the objective of responding to a growing need for evidence-based analysis on Turkey in the English language.

The journal’s mission is to showcase innovative approaches that academically contribute to the understanding of contemporary Turkey by providing a platform for the publication of quality scholarly articles and research. Research & Policy on Turkey is dedicated to theoretical, methodological and empirical pluralism in the studies of Turkey to reach a more comprehensive and multidimensional understanding of contemporary Turkey in its global context. The journal provides an intellectual forum to exchange knowledge and research for a scholarly debate on contemporary Turkey including its social, economic, political and cultural issues.

The journal is open to articles from different social science disciplines including but not limited to: political science, history, public policy, economics, sociology, international relations, gender studies, anthropology, European studies, and area studies. The journal also welcomes articles written within an interdisciplinary or a multidisciplinary perspective.

Peer Review Statement

All research articles published in this journal have undergone rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and anonymized refereeing by at least two anonymous referees.